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Librarian: April Timmerman
Hours: 7:45 - 12:00
Related Arts: 12:10 - 2:50


The mission of the Ninety Six Elementary Media Center is to provide resources to support and enrich each student’s learning program as well as to meet each student’s personal needs in reading and research. The Media Center will be open each day from 7:25 until 3:00.

The Media Center provides books, reference materials, media, and magazines for personal inquiry and class assignments. Students may check out and keep books for up to 2 weeks. Students who keep books past this time will receive an overdue notice. Other books may not be checked out until the overdue book(s) are renewed or returned.

Students must have a signed parent permission form on file in order to use computers in the media center. Computers are to be used for research or work associated with school assignments. SC DISCUS is the recommended search engine to be used for research; no other search engines may be used without prior permission from the media staff. All school and district policies are applicable to the media center.

Students need to have an objective or reason for coming to the media center. This objective will be determined by the teacher and the student to insure that visits to the center are purposeful and educational. This objective also enables the media staff to assist students more efficiently.

Related Art Schedule

9 months ago

12:10 - 2:50

3rd Grade

Monday - Reynolds

Tuesday - Jenkins

Wednesday - Goff

Thursday - Hewett

Friday - Latham

4th Grade

Monday - Wilson

Tuesday - Barnes

Wednesday - Gardner

Thursday - Carter

Friday - Rowell

** Wolfe - split each day

5th Grade

Monday - Sampson

Tuesday - McCutcheon

Wednesday - Gibert

Thursday - Bledsoe

Friday - Mitchell

Important Dates and Events
Library Books Due May 18th
Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader is a program in which a student reads an AR identified book, then takes a reading practice test on the computer. Students accumulate points based upon comprehension accuracy as measured by the test.

Greenwood County Public Library Events

about 1 year ago

2017 - 2018 Reading Program

11 days ago

A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

Your child's teacher will set an AR goal with them for each reading incentive period. Each child who reaches their goal will receive an incentive during their library related arts class. 

Sample goal setting chart.
Reading Incentive Period

Sept 1st - Oct 13th
Oct 16th - Nov 21st
Nov 27th - Jan 11th
Jan 16th - Feb 23rd
Feb 26th - April 6th
April 9th - May 11th
Reward Week (subject to change)

Oct 20th  - 26th
Dec 4th - 8th
Jan 22nd - 26th
Mar 5th - 9th
AR Store - May 21st - May 25th

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at


EBooks and Apps for Reading

about 1 year ago

  • DayByDaySC Family Literacy Calendar (State Library)

    The South Carolina Day by Day Family Literacy Calendar is designed to be a tool that families, caregivers, educators and librarians can use at home and in the classroom to further develop early literacy skills that help young children become prepared for school or do better in school.

    The Calendar is a project of the South Carolina State Library, working in partnership with many agencies and organizations, and primarily funded by a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

  • TumbleBooks (State Library)

    TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sound, music and narration to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you. TBL also includes National Geographic videos and games.

  • EPIC! (monthly subscription)

    $4.00 monthly fee (1 month trial FREE)
    Read as many books as you want, whenever you want

    Read online or offline — sign up once and access Epic! on any iOS or Android device, laptops and desktops

    Recommendations based your child’s reading levels and interests

    Thousands of Read-to-Me and Audio books included
    Up to 4 child profiles per account at no additional cost

    Badges offer extra motivation to keep kids reading

    See which books your child has read and for how long

    100% SAFE
    All books are age-appropriate for kids 12 and under with no ads or in-app purchases