Mission and Vision

6 years ago

Mission Statement

The mission of Greenwood 52 School District is to prepare our

learning community for success,

while providing them a safe and positive learning environment.


Empowering Today’s Learners To Become Tomorrow’s Leaders


We Believe that all Learners……

~Can achieve to their full potential

~Have the right to and the responsibility for a quality education

~Have the right to and the responsibility for a positive and safe school climate

~Benefit from mutual respect of others

~Benefit from an environment of cultural diversity

~Benefit when parents/guardians are the first and most important teachers

~Benefit when parents/guardians are active participants in the school and community

~Benefit from school, community and faith based partnerships

~Have the responsibility to become lifelong learners and productive members of society

~Have the right learn and all teachers have the right to teach