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This Week in Room C-105

5 days ago

   Week of Oct. 21-25

Reading-- This week, we will begin a unit on Nonfiction. Please be sure your child is reading at least 20 minutes every night. 

Math - We will complete Chapter 4 on Understanding Multiplication. This chapter includes: relating multiplication to repeated addition, using the commutative property of multiplication, using/creating arrays, making equal groups, area/array, using basic multiplication/division facts, and problem solving. Test is Tuesday. We will begin Ch. 5 on Understanding Division on Wednesday.

Science - none

Social Studies - We will continue Chapter 2 (Part 1) on the Early History of South Carolina.  Test on Part 1 is Wednesday. 

This chapter has 2 projects:

1. A brochure that we are doing in class. We reviewed the rubric/expectations in class on Friday. Please encourage your child to put forth his/her best effort.

2. A model of a native american home similar to the ones used by the tribes of South Carolina during this period of history.(Rubric will be discussed and come home later this week. Examples of projects will also be shown in class) Project due Nov. 5th

Related Arts Schedule

2 months ago

Monday - Art
Tuesday - Media Center *Extra PE
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - P.E.
Friday - Computer Lab

Important Dates to Remember

5 days ago

Oct. 24-25 - Parent Conferences

Oct. 28th - Nov. 1st- RED RIBBON WEEK

Monday- Wildcat Day - wear Wildcat colors

Tuesday- Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday - Wear Red Day

Thursday - Dress-up/Fall Parties

Friday - Tacky Day

Oct. 28 - 3rd Grade Academic Awards 2:00*Everyone is Welcome

Nov. 27-29 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Thoughts To Ponder

12 days ago

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Spelling Words

5 days ago

Spelling Words

Oct. 21-25

1. clown

2. round

3. bow

4. cloud

5. power

6. crown


8. crowd

9. sound

10. count

11. powder

12. blouse

13. frown

14. pound

Homework for the Week

5 days ago

Third Grade Homework

                                               Oct. 21-25

Tests for this Week: 

Tuesday: Math quiz(Ch. 4 - lessons 1-4)

Wednesday: SS Test

Thursday: Spelling Test, Math Test(ch4)




Get communication log signed.

Bring 5 sharpened pencils.

Spelling – Write words 3 more times each in notebook.

Reading – Read 20 minutes                                          

Math – Complete pages 215-216

Social Studies – Study for Test Wednesday and Work on Project due Nov. 5th

Science – none


Get communication log and papers signed.

Bring 5 sharpened pencils.

Spelling – Write a sentence with the first 7 words.

Reading – Read 20 minutes

Math – Complete pages 229-230

Social Studies – Study for Test tomorrow and Work on Project due Nov. 5th

Science – none


Get communication log signed.

Bring 5 sharpened pencils.

Spelling – Write words in ABC order and study for test.

Reading – Read 20 minutes

Math – Study "Review Pages" and previous homework for test tomorrow

Social Studies – Work on Project(Due Nov. 5th - SEE RUBRIC)

Science – none


Get communication log signed.

Bring 5 sharpened pencils.

Spelling – none

Reading – Read 20 minutes

Math – none

Social Studies – Work on Project(Due Nov. 5th - SEE RUBRIC)


Mrs. Jenkins' Class Schedule

2 months ago

7:20-7:50                   Student Arrival/Bathroom Break

7:50-8:10                   School Begins/Morning Show(8:00 is tardy time)

8:10-10:10                  ELA

9:30-9:40                     Bathroom Break

10:10-11:05                Math

11:00-11:30                Lunch

11:30-11:40                Restroom

11:40-12:10                Math

12:10—1:00                Related Arts

1:00-1:25                    Read Aloud/Daily Math Review

1:25-1:45                    Recess

1:50-2:00                    Bathroom Break

2:00-2:50                    Science/Social Studies

2:50-2:55                    Afternoon Meeting/Pack-up

3:00                             Line-up/Dismissal