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School Counseling Services
Many parents have asked for an explanation of the duties performed by our school counselor. Some things our school counselor does include:
1. Helping students to...
Understand their abilities and limitations
Adjust to a new school
Find answers to their concerns
Learn to make decisions
Develop skills in getting along with others
2. Talking with parents about your child's...
Progress in school
Abilities and limitations
Growth and development
3. Helping teachers to...
Understand and meet individual student needs
Provide Character Education classroom activities in such areas as
Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship and Trustworthiness
Find special help for students when needed
Plan Service Learning projects for the classroom (collecting pop
tops, canned goods, old toys, items for the human society)
4. Consulting privately with parents and teachers about their children
5. Coordinating referrals to school and community agencies through
the Student Study Team
6. Talking with children individually or in small groups.

A child may request to see the counselor or may be referred by parents or teachers. Counseling is a voluntary service; no child is required to talk with the counselor.

Should parents have any further questions, call the counseling office @ 970-7434.