School Counseling Mission, Vision Statement, and Beliefs

Mission Statement

The mission of NSES school counseling area is to advocate for all learners through creating an equitable and accessible school environment by collaborating with stakeholders to remove barriers.  Through participating in the school counseling program all students will develop long-term self directed, realistic, and responsible decision making skills, as well as grow consistent attitudes and behaviors that will help them to achieve their future goals.

Counseling Vision Statement

All students at NSES possess the academic skills to be lifelong learners, the social-emotional skills to be global leaders and are excited to enter careers that contribute to their community.  They realize their value and worth, appreciate diversity, can make self-directed and responsible decisions, effectively displayed, and are resilient through long and short term challenges.

Counselor Beliefs Statements

At NSES, the School Counselor believes:

All students have dignity and worth.

All students have the right to access a School Counselor.

The School Counselor is an advocate for all students.

All students are individuals that learn at their own pace.

All students can learn to be resilient in the face of challenges.

All students can become productive members of society.

All students can achieve academic, career, and social-emotional success when given appropriate and timely support and interventions.

All students deserve to be members of a school community that is culturally compassionate and responsive.

Data should be used to design, implement, evaluate, and continuously improve the School Counseling program.

School Counselor serves as a leader and collaborator in accessing barriers to academic success.

School Counselor collaborates with families, stakeholders, and community resources to meet the student needs.

School Counselor abides by the ASCA’s Ethical Standards for School Counselors.

A child may request to see the counselor or may be referred by parents or teachers. Counseling is a voluntary service; no child is required to talk with the counselor.

Should parents have any further questions, call Mrs. Brown, School Counselor, in the counseling office @ 970-7434.