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Contact Information

about 1 year ago

Elementary Staff and Faculty
Charlene Louden -

Media Specialist:
April Timmerman -
School Nurse:
Cari Turner
Guidance Secretary:
Audrey Riley

3rd Grade: 

Vicky Hewett - 

Stacie Goff -
Cindy Jenkins -

Amy Latham -

4th Grade:  

Lindsey Carter -

Heather Gardner -
Krissy Gibert -



5th Grade:

 Lisa McCutcheon -
Michelle Rowell -

Karen Wilson -

Ruth Bledsoe - 
        Sarah Mitchell -
Carolyn Sampson - 

Special Areas:
Speech: Christie Bell -
Resource: Leslie Burden -
Resource: April Medford -
Science Lab/PLUS: 
Becky Rush -
Reading Specialist: Al Gambrell- 
Nora Wolfe -

Instructional Assistants:   

                                    Assistant: Joan Chastein
Assistant: Sheryl Smith

Related Arts:

PE: Josh McDonald
                                             Music: Crystil
Art: Vanessa Taylor -
                          Computer Lab: DeLoris Robinson - 


Custodial Staff:

Mr. Jason Jones
                                                                          Ms. Brenda Jones

Cafeteria Staff:

Gloria Chappell
Sheila Werts
Lori Ryans