Living History Day at Ninety Six National Historical Site

Fourth-grade students at Ninety Six Elementary School recently took a trip to the Ninety Six National Historic Site to learn about life in the 18th century.  Reenactors from the 2nd NC Regiment of the Continental Line, the 4th SC Artillery Regiment, and individual reenactors were on hand to share their expertise. While there, students learned about the life of a soldier. Reenactors dressed in full 18th-century uniforms talked about the life of a regular army soldier. In contrast, other reenactors dressed in simple backcountry clothing shared about the life, tools, and weapons of the militia or civilian army.  

Students watched a video about the Star Fort and the Siege of Ninety Six. They walked the 1-mile trail through the national historic site learning about the history of Ninety Six as a trading post and about the two Revolutionary War battles fought at Star Fort.

They also learned about woodworking and cooking over an open fire using fresh ingredients. They got to shuck corn, snap beans, and churn butter. Finally, students enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken perlo, corn on the cob, and green beans prepared on-site by the volunteers and several school employees.

Local reenactors, Ruth and Donald Wilkinson started coordinating this “Living History Day” with Ninety Six Elementary School 28 years ago.  Since their passing, their children and other reenactors from Ninety Six and the surrounding areas have carried on this tradition for the students at Ninety Six Elementary School.