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PBIS Matrix

Ninety Six Elementary School PBIS Matrix



On Task

Always Prepared


All Settings

  • Use appropriate voices.
  • Use kind words.
  • Listen to/follow directions.
  • Give your best effort.

- Follow the dress code.

- Honor others’ personal space.


  • Exit your car/bus safely.
  • Listen for adult directions.
  • Walk.
  • Enter quietly.
  • Go directly to designated area.
  • Eat breakfast first.
  • Have all materials ready for the day.
  • Know your dismissal plan.
  • Talk quietly to classmates if allowed.
  • Turn in notes/money to your teacher.
  • Ready to go at 7:50.


  • Follow bus driver’s directions.
  • Use quiet voices.
  • Respect others’ property.
  • Stay seated in your assigned seat.
  • Face the front.
  • Walk to/from seat.
  • Be ready and on time.
  • Keep book bag packed and in your lap.
  • Report problems to an adult.
  • Honor others’ personal space.


  • Be quiet and patient in line.
  • Use good table manners.

  • Listen for directions.
  • Eat silently for the first 5 minutes.
  • Face table with hands, feet, and utensils to self.
  • Wash your hands with soap before getting in line.
  • Get needed items before being seated.
  • Remember your lunch choice.
  • Eat your food only.
  • Keep your area clean.
  • Pick up your trash, carry your tray, and travel safely to the trash can.


  • Use and carry chromebook and accessories with care.
  • Follow adult directions.
  • Adhere to the chromebook usage policy.
  • Keep chromebook charged.
  • Keep charger with chromebook.
  • Carry the chromebook in the provided case when traveling.
  • Keep food and drink away from chromebook.


  • Use inside voice.
  • Raise hand to speak.
  • Listen to speaker.
  • Follow directions.
  • Complete assignments.
  • Use time wisely.
  • Bring materials.
  • Come rested and ready.
  • Honor personal space.
  • Use materials correctly.
  • Keep workspace neat and clean.


  • Quietly listen/watch for name or bus.
  • Listen for and follow adult directions.
  • Walk.
  • Exit quietly.
  • Stay in assigned area.
  • Have all belongings with you.
  • Know transportation plans prior to dismissal.
  • Go immediately to assigned areas quietly.


  • Walk quietly.
  • Keep hands and feet to self.
  • Stop at teachers’ designated stopping points.
  • Keep line together.
  • Walk directly to destination.
  • Carry book bags correctly.
  • Stay right in the “Paw Print Lane.”
  • Honor personal space.

Media Center

  • Use library voice.
  • Treat books carefully.
  • Check out “Just Right” books.
  • Make selection promptly.
  • Return books on time.
  • Keep shelves tidy.
  • Push in chairs.
  • Follow directions.


  • Take turns and share.
  • Solve problems with kind words.
  • Use equipment as designed.
  • Watch and listen for directions.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Know and follow game rules.
  • Stay in designated area.
  • Return equipment to cart.
  • Carry personal belongings inside.


  • Keep restrooms clean.
  • Respect others’ privacy.
  • Enter/exit quickly and quietly.
  • Use facilities properly.
  • Wash hands with soap before leaving.
  • Report problems to adults.
  • Always flush.
  • Only use 1-2 towels.

PBIS Daily Discipline Chart



  • Redirect behavior.
  • Documented in gray area of PBIS behavior chart.
  • No consequence.


Reteach and Reflect

  • 1st behavior mark
  • Loss of privilege (5 minutes)


Reteach and Reflect

  • 2nd behavior mark
  • Loss of privilege (10 minutes)


Reflection Form and Parent Contact

  • 3rd behavior mark
  • Loss of privilege (all minutes)


Guidance Referral

  • 4th behavior mark
  • Email or text Mrs. Brown.


Office Referral

  • 5th behavior mark
  • Email, text, or buzz Ms. Louden.

  • Students who earn a Reflection Form twice in one week are assigned to Responsibility Training with Mrs. Brown.
  • 5 Reflection Forms (includes parent contact), 1 Office Referral/suspension, or 20 accumulated behavior marks in one quarter will result in exclusion from the PBIS Reward.
    • Accumulated behavior marks do not include the warning marks in the grayscale area.
  • Examples of Loss of Privilege (Teacher Discretion)
    • Loss of Social/Free Time (walk at recess, silent lunch, etc.)
    • Screen Time
    • “Time Out” or “Cool Down”