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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports - PBIS

Our school is continuing an exciting “journey” as we implement another year of a schoolwide program of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, also known as PBIS. PBIS is a school-wide system that provides: 

  • A common purpose and approach to discipline 
  • A clear set of positive expectations and behaviors  
  • Procedures for teaching expected behaviors  
  • A continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviors  
  • A continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviors  
  • Procedures for ongoing monitoring and evaluation 

Our theme, “Lions That ROAR”, will be used to implement PBIS. 

Lions that ROAR are: 


On Task 

Always Prepared 


Students will be taught specifically what those expectations mean in all areas of the school. You will know what our expectations are because you will hear “Lions That ROAR” many times! Your child will be excited to participate in PBIS because expectations are clearly defined. Students will be encouraged through positive reinforcement of expected behavior, and they will not want to miss the school-wide activities planned. Please ask your child to share what is happening at NSES as they become one of our “Lions That ROAR”! 

You can see our school-wide matrix and Daily Discipline Flow map under the “For Students’ tab on our website. The matrix gives you an outline of what your child is expected to do and the flow map show the consequences that result when not meeting our school-wide expectations.